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The Piz Mitgel Hotel, a captivating historical landmark, is intricately entwined with the village of Savognin in the Sursés district of Switzerland, showcasing a remarkable timeline of transformation and cultural significance. This prestigious hotel was a central point in the history of Savognin and the source of many fascinating stories.

In 1868, the enterprising Wasescha brothers undertook the ambitious endeavor of constructing the “Kurhaus Piz Mitgel,” not only to serve postal coach traffic from Chur over the Julier Pass into the Engadin but also to cater to the burgeoning spa guest population of the late 19th century. Savognin was rising then and becoming a prime destination perfectly aligned with the hotel’s ambitions.

The origins of the Piz Mitgel Hotel are shrouded in the mystique of the past, with limited records of its early years. The hotel’s initial footprint can be traced to the purchase of forges and waterworks by Major Sebastian Wasescha in 1870. An evocative photograph from 1873 captured the hotel during construction, reflecting its expansion during that period. The precise origins of the building, whether it was initially a family home later transformed into a hotel, remain veiled in history.

As Savognin grew, so did the Piz Mitgel Hotel, and the area underwent considerable changes. This evolution was driven by the ebb and flow of economic factors, including the cattle industry, improvements to travel routes, and competition in the region.

The hotel’s ownership saw transitions over the years, with the Waldegg family taking the helm in 1961, followed by Sepp and Regina Waldegg-Noseda. Despite various directors and changes in management, the hotel persevered.

The pivotal moment in the Piz Mitgel Hotel’s history came with the construction of the first ski lift and the world’s longest cable car in 1969, elevating the hotel to new heights.

In April 2021, the “Piz Mitgel Val Surses” foundation acquired the hotel complex, embarking on a gentle renovation journey to preserve and perpetuate the historic gem. The foundation’s mission is to safeguard the Piz Mitgel Hotel’s heritage and ensure its future as an accommodation facility, maintaining the Art Nouveau hall as a venue for cultural events.

The Piz Mitgel Hotel, like Savognin itself, embodies a captivating transformation from a bygone era to a modern-day tourist destination, a testament to its enduring cultural and historical value. Its story reflects the cyclical nature of time and the cherished memories of countless families, clubs, and community events that have unfolded within its walls over the years. The Piz Mitgel Hotel continues to stand as a symbol of historical continuity and tradition, while embracing the future with open arms.

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Hotel Piz Mitgel

History & Stories

This book tells the story of the Piz Mitgel Hotel in Savognin and the people who created, operated, nurtured, and developed it. This includes the construction of the mountain lodge in Radons as well as the development of the ski resort and tourist destination of Savognin.
The contemporary texts are somewhat idiosyncratic, much like the hotel itself, its respective owners, and the population of the Surses region. The book takes you back to long-forgotten times and allows you to directly immerse yourself in the events of that era.
The numerous historical photographs complement the narrative with a visual journey through time in the heart of Graubünden.

Peder Plaz was born and raised in Savognin in 1972. He is currently working as a political and corporate consultant throughout Switzerland and resides with his family in Wettingen, AG. As an emigrated second home owner, he still spends a lot of time in Savognin and particularly enjoys his favorite sport of snowboarding in Savognin. Peder is professionally involved in various aspects, including the challenges of alpine tourism and alpine communities/cantons in Switzerland.

Romano Plaz was born in Savognin in 1941 and spent his life in Savognin. He grew up in the neighboring house of Hotel Piz Mitgel as the son of Pius Plaz, a grocery and beverage merchant. He witnessed an era of Hotel Piz Mitgel up close. Before his retirement, Romano Plaz led the local branch of the Graubündner Kantonalbank for almost his entire working life. In his free time, Romano dedicated himself intensively to the history of Val Surses. Among other things, he initiated and significantly shaped the local museum ‘Museum Regiunal Savognin,’ the history book of Savognin, the Veia digl Pader, and the Via Sett.

Sepp Waldegg was born in 1945 in a Jewish refugee camp, the Hotel Mirador on Mont Pélerein, baptized in Adliswil, landed in the Hotel Cresta Palace in Celerina for a few weeks, spent time in a laundry basket on Beatenberg, and then experienced five years at mon Repos in Davos. He was the son of the owners of Hotel Piz Mitgel since 1961 and, starting from 1984, together with his wife Regina, took on the ownership and leadership responsibility of the establishment. Seppi Waldegg is considered a true ‘original’ with his own creative ideas and life wisdom. In contrast to 250 hotelier colleagues who had to give up their hotels in the last 30 years in Graubünden, he defied all storms and managed to hand over his hotel to new hands, so that it may celebrate its 150th birthday.

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